8 Success Tips For Starting A Blog In 2013 And Avoiding Failure

The blogging landscape has changed over time and as time goes on it will continue to change as blogging evolves and progresses. As there are so many blogs on the Internet there is constant competition to create higher quality content as well as continuously competing for reader’s attention and because of this we are forced to continue to push ourselves as bloggers to produce more compelling content and figure out better ways of driving traffic and retaining our readership.

So here’s a few tips to get you off to a successful start in 2013.

Get Started With The Right Hosting

If you’re serious about blogging it’s important to start on the right foot, get yourself a self-hosted WordPress blog it’s worth the money if you actually want to see this blog go somewhere. Here’s an exact step-by-step guide to starting your own blog, you can get started in less than 10 minutes.

Create Awesome Content

Like I mentioned before with all the competition in the blogging world it’s really important that you produce awesome content, that is now the standard for even thinking about growing an audience. There is so much choice for readers now that you must give them a really good reason to read you blog over everyone else’s and writing awesome content is a really good place to start. The better your content the easier it will be for you to get guest posts and regular readers.

Be Consistent All The Time

Consistency is really important in blogging especially when you’re first starting out and you’re looking to build an audience. Create a blogging schedule and publish regularly, plan you posts in advanced and consistently create awesome blog posts. Whatever you embark upon be consistent about it, if you use Twitter consistently interact with your followers do it consistently, if you reply to comments be consistent about it. I think you get the picture… basically all we are saying is don’t do it half-heartedly if you want to see results.

Create A Business Plan

Have a plan of action for your blog. What do you want to do with it, what kind of results do you want to see and how much income are you expecting? Write it down and then figure out how you’re going to go about getting those results. It’s important to be continuously working towards something in anything you do, without a plan you wont really have direction for what you want to achieve so make sure you know what you want to achieve and write it down. Goals written down in black and white hold much more value than something in your head.

Get The Design Right First Time Round

You only get one chance to make first impressions so make sure when you design your blog you get it right the first time round. Firstly you’ll save time later on when you’re not wasting time on tweaking your blog design and also you’ll be able to set a great first impression to all your readers. It’s really important to have a blog that has a pleasing design, easy to use and navigate round and really captures the attention so take your time on this step and produce something that both you will be happy with and one your audience will love.

Do It Once But Do It Properly

Same as the point above anything in blogging I recommend doing once and doing it right. It’s better to take an extra couple of days perfecting your design than deciding a few months in that you don’t like your blog design and you want to change it. This goes for the articles that you produce too, it’s better to take a couple of extra hours editing and perfecting it rather than something you create half heartedly… with todays blogging climate there just isn’t room for mistakes and shoddy work.

Figure What Works And Do It Over And Over Again

Good blogging is all about experimentation and finding what works and what doesn’t, so make sure you try as many different experiments as you can. The important thing is to measure the results you get from each experiment so you can find out where your hard work is paying off and exactly where it’s not. Once you have a solid set of results you can then start to replicate the stuff that does work and continue to increase your results from replicating proven formulas. Also reading other people’s case studies can really help you to understand what works in blogging and what doesn’t before conducting your own experiments. 

Don’t Even Think About Giving Up In the First 12 Months

Great things take time and as with blogging producing a great blog can also take time. So give it the proper amount of time that you’re going to need to be able to produce something successful. There is absolutely no point starting today and giving up in a couple of months time because you just aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for. Work hard, experiment with different techniques, consistently produce awesome content and give it good amount of time before you decide to give up and not bother pursuing your blogging career.

Over To You

Thinking about starting a blog? Check out or tutorial for starting your own WordPress blog and get your self started today.

Already have a blog? What do you think bloggers will need to do in 2013 to stay on top of their game and continue to grow an audience?

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wilfred imbukwa February 19, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Giving up is very easy especially when it comes to writing a new post per week. Writing a new post per week needs alot of creativity and time. But its like you said,” Never give up!”


Wilfred February 20, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Consistency is never easy because getting fresh ideas takes a lot of time. But like what you said, the blogger should never give up, even if it means writing a new post once every 2 weeks.


Utkarsh Bhatt March 2, 2013 at 9:08 am

Giving up is easy, but getting up after a smack in the head is pretty much that counts in Blogging. This kind of inspiration keeps me going.


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