How To Create a Useful “Start Here” Page For New Visitors

As your blog grows and you continue to add useful content and articles to it it’s important to make sure that new visitors to you blog can find the best of what you have to offer and also have a page where they can start to decipher exactly what they’re going to be able to find on your blog.

If you’re serious about your blog you’ll be adding content several times a week and getting new visitors and subscribers on a daily basis and it’s important for you to give them ever reason to become a subscriber and become a regular reader and helping them navigate and find everything that you have to offer easily.

A “Start Here” page is great place to for your new readers to get started. A place where they can find out who you are, what your best content is and any other useful information that you have to offer your readers.

So How Do You Create A Useful “Start Here” Page:

Link Location

Make sure you have your “Start Here” page link located in a useful place, some blogs have a prominent banner in the sidebar and others have it in their main menu or even both if you have the space. So start by creating a new page and figuring out how you want to let your readers know about it.

Who You Are And What You Offer

It’s important to start by telling your readers a bit about your blog and what they should expect to find. Point them towards you “about page”, outline the topics you cover, places you have been featured and most importantly what makes you different from the hundred of other blogs on the market and why they should come back and read your blog over everyone else’s.

Time To Show Off

Now is the time to show off what you have. You really only really get one shot to impress someone online as it’s such a vast playing field so make sure you give it your best shot.

Point them to the most popular reads in you blog and break it down into categories for them so they can see a good snap shot of the material their going to be able to find and read. If you have tutorials and resources on the topic you blog about then make them into a feature. You want to show them that you are the one stop shop for everything on that topic and that they don’t need to go anywhere else.

When creating about pages I usually end up making a list of all the things that my blog is missing because in the process of trying to direct my readers to the best content I realize that I’m missing vital bits of information that a blog on my topic should have, so it also becomes great practice for finding new content to add.

Turn Them Into A Regular Reader

The other important thing to note is that at every opportunity you get you should be trying to turn you visitors into readers and a “Start Here” page really is a useful palace to get them to subscribe. Whilst your busy showing off your best content you’re also giving you readers a reason to stick around so whilst they are immersed in your great content make sure you provide them with the necessary subscriber boxes to become a regular reader.

List Building Tip 1: A way to build you list faster is to offer something in return for their email like an eBook or an email course like the one I have on offer in the sidebar, value exchanges often build lists faster than just offering email updates.

List Building Tip 2: Having attractive subscriber forms is really important for grabbing attention and enticing readers to subscribe. Try using WPSubscribers, the options are endless for customization and placement, it’s really helped me to build a list quickly.

Over To You

So have you got a “Start Here” page on your blog? If you have let us know how it’s working for you and how it’s helped your readers and you blog grow. If you haven’t try putting one together today, it won’t take very long but the results might just surprise you.

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